class EE::Graphics::Particle

A simple particle class used by the particle system. Probably not useful for the end user.

#include <particle.hpp>

class Particle {
    // construction


    // methods

    void setColor(ColorAf Color, Float alphaDecay);
    const ColorAf& getColor() const;
    Float r();
    Float g();
    Float b();
    Float a();

    void reset(
        const Float& x,
        const Float& y,
        const Float& xspeed,
        const Float& yspeed,
        const Float& xacc,
        const Float& yacc,
        const Float size = 16

    void update(const Float& pTime);
    void setX(const Float& x);
    const Float& getX() const;
    void setY(const Float& y);
    const Float& getY() const;
    void setXSpeed(const Float xspeed);
    const Float& getXSpeed() const;
    void setYSpeed(const Float& yspeed);
    const Float& getYSpeed() const;
    void setXAcc(const Float& xacc);
    const Float& getXAcc() const;
    void setYAcc(const Float& yacc);
    const Float& getYAcc() const;
    void setAlphaDecay(const Float& alphadecay);
    const Float& getAlphaDecay() const;
    void setSize(const Float& size);
    const Float& getSize() const;
    void setUsed(const bool& used);
    bool isUsed() const;
    void setId(const Uint32& id);
    const Uint32& getId() const;