class EE::UI::UIBorderDrawable


#include <uiborderdrawable.hpp>

class UIBorderDrawable: public EE::Graphics::Drawable {
    // construction

    UIBorderDrawable(const UINode* owner);
    virtual ~UIBorderDrawable();

    // methods

    static UIBorderDrawable* New(const UINode* owner);
    virtual Sizef getSize();
    virtual Sizef getPixelsSize();
    virtual void draw();
    virtual void draw(const Vector2f& position);
    virtual void draw(const Vector2f& position, const Sizef& size);
    virtual bool isStateful();
    virtual void setLineWidth(const Float& width);
    Float getLineWidth() const;
    Int32 getRadius() const;
    void setRadius(const Int32& radius);
    Color getColorLeft() const;
    void setColorLeft(const Color& colorLeft);
    Color getColorRight() const;
    void setColorRight(const Color& colorRight);
    Color getColorTop() const;
    void setColorTop(const Color& colorTop);
    Color getColorBottom() const;
    void setColorBottom(const Color& colorBottom);
    const BorderType& getBorderType() const;
    void setBorderType(const BorderType& borderType);
    void invalidate();
    void setLeftWidth(const std::string& leftWidth);
    void setRightWidth(const std::string& rightWidth);
    void setTopWidth(const std::string& topWidth);
    void setBottomWidth(const std::string& bottomWidth);
    void setTopLeftRadius(const std::string& radius);
    void setTopRightRadius(const std::string& radius);
    void setBottomLeftRadius(const std::string& radius);
    void setBottomRightRadius(const std::string& radius);
    const Borders& getBorders() const;
    Rectf getBorderBoxDiff() const;
    bool isSmooth() const;
    void setSmooth(bool smooth);

Inherited Members

    // enums

    enum Type;

    // methods

    virtual Sizef getSize() = 0;
    virtual Sizef getPixelsSize() = 0;
    virtual void draw() = 0;
    virtual void draw(const Vector2f& position) = 0;
    virtual void draw(const Vector2f& position, const Sizef& size) = 0;
    virtual bool isStateful() = 0;
    void setAlpha(Uint8 alpha);
    const Uint8& getAlpha();
    void setColor(const Color& color);
    const Color& getColor() const;
    void setColorFilter(const Color& color);
    RGB getColorFilter();
    void clearColor();
    void clearColorFilter();
    void resetAlpha();
    Type getDrawableType() const;
    const Vector2f& getPosition() const;
    void setPosition(const Vector2f& position);
    virtual bool isDrawableResource() const;

Detailed Documentation


virtual void setLineWidth(const Float& width)

Set the line width to draw primitives

Float getLineWidth() const


The line with to draw primitives