class EE::Scene::Actions::ResizeBorderRadius


#include <resizeborderradius.hpp>

class ResizeBorderRadius: public EE::Scene::Actions::ActionInterpolation1d {
    // methods

    static ResizeBorderRadius* New(const Float& start, const Float& end, const Time& duration, const Ease::Interpolation& type = Ease::Linear);
    virtual Action* clone() const;
    virtual Action* reverse() const;

Inherited Members

    // typedefs

    typedef std::function<void(Action*, const ActionType&)> ActionCallback;

    // enums

    enum ActionType;

    // methods

    virtual void start() = 0;
    virtual void stop() = 0;
    virtual void update(const Time& time) = 0;
    virtual bool isDone() = 0;
    virtual Float getCurrentProgress() = 0;
    virtual Time getTotalTime() = 0;
    virtual Action* clone() const;
    virtual Action* reverse() const;
    Uint32 getFlags() const;
    void setFlags(const Uint32& flags);
    String::HashType getTag() const;
    void setTag(const Uint32& tag);
    Node* getTarget() const;
    Uint32 addEventListener(const ActionType& actionType, const ActionCallback& callback);
    Action* on(const ActionType& actionType, const ActionCallback& callback);
    void removeEventListener(const Uint32& callbackId);
    void sendEvent(const ActionType& actionType);
    void setTarget(Node* target);
    void setId(const Uint32& id);
    const Uint32& getId();
    virtual void start();
    virtual void stop();
    virtual void update(const Time& time);
    virtual bool isDone();
    virtual Float getCurrentProgress();
    virtual Time getTotalTime();
    Interpolation1d* getInterpolation();

Detailed Documentation


virtual Action* clone() const

Clones the action.

virtual Action* reverse() const

Clones and reverse the action sequence. Note: not all actions can be reversed.