class EE::Scene::Actions::ActionInterpolation2d


#include <actioninterpolation2d.hpp>

class ActionInterpolation2d: public EE::Scene::Action {
    // methods

    virtual void start();
    virtual void stop();
    virtual void update(const Time& time);
    virtual bool isDone();
    virtual Float getCurrentProgress();
    virtual Time getTotalTime();
    Interpolation2d* getInterpolation();

Inherited Members

    // typedefs

    typedef std::function<void(Action*, const ActionType&)> ActionCallback;
    typedef Uint64 UniqueID;

    // enums

    enum ActionType;

    // methods

    virtual void start() = 0;
    virtual void stop() = 0;
    virtual void update(const Time& time) = 0;
    virtual bool isDone() = 0;
    virtual Float getCurrentProgress() = 0;
    virtual Time getTotalTime() = 0;
    virtual Action* clone() const;
    virtual Action* reverse() const;
    Uint32 getFlags() const;
    void setFlags(const Uint32& flags);
    UniqueID getTag() const;
    void setTag(const UniqueID& tag);
    Node* getTarget() const;
    Uint32 addEventListener(const ActionType& actionType, const ActionCallback& callback);
    Action* on(const ActionType& actionType, const ActionCallback& callback);
    void removeEventListener(const Uint32& callbackId);
    void sendEvent(const ActionType& actionType);
    void setTarget(Node* target);
    void setId(const Action::UniqueID& id);
    const Action::UniqueID& getId();

Detailed Documentation


virtual void start()

Starts the action.

virtual void stop()

Stops the actions (pause it, it will not reset the animation state).

virtual void update(const Time& time)

Update the action state (shouldn’t be called manually unless you actually now what you are doing)

virtual bool isDone()


If the action is completed.

virtual Float getCurrentProgress()


The current progress percentage. Normalized between 0 and 1.

virtual Time getTotalTime()

The total action time.