class EE::Window::WindowSettings

WindowSettings A small class that contains the window settings.

#include <window.hpp>

class WindowSettings {
    // fields

    Uint32 Style;
    Uint32 Width;
    Uint32 Height;
    Uint32 BitsPerPixel;
    std::string Icon;
    std::string Title;
    WindowBackend Backend;
    Float PixelDensity;
    bool UseScreenKeyboard;

    // construction

        Uint32 width,
        Uint32 height,
        const std::string& title = std::string(),
        Uint32 style = WindowStyle::Default,
        WindowBackend backend = WindowBackend::Default,
        Uint32 bpp = 32,
        const std::string& icon = std::string(),
        const Float& pixelDensity = 1,
        const bool& useScreenKeyboard = EE_SCREEN_KEYBOARD_ENABLED